Meet our Teams

Our teams work together with incredible efficiency and effectiveness to keep Living Through Learning alive! Browse through our teams to find out more about the hardworking staff who make them up.

Management Team

Sonja Botha – Director Sonja has an International Business Management diploma and has been working in the education sector for 30 years. She has been very successful in what she has set out to achieve. She believes that the only way to empower people is through education and believes that it is important to incorporate fun into learning. “Learning is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance, which gives us a boost up the ladder of knowledge.” – Sonja

Sonja Botha

Sonja Botha

Salma Adams – Director Salma started off her passion for education with level 5 ECD which she completed in June 2013. She then went on to study ABED( Adult Basic Education) through UNISA in 2014 and is currently completing her degree in foundation phase education. She loves working with Kids especially those of a younger age when their minds are still fresh and like sponges that absorbs all learning opportunities. Her passion for helping the underprivileged grew once she joined the LTL team and she keeps growing with the company each year.

Salma Adams

Salma Adams

Amy Lategan is the Personal assistant to the director’s of the company, she is a qualified legal secretary and relocated into the NGO education sector because she has a passion for the underprivileged in the community. She works with youth groups part time and really enjoys giving back to her community.

Amy Lategan

Amy Lategan

CRAR Programme Team

The CRAR team is led by Salma Adams, the CRAR co-ordinator: This year marks new beginnings and changes to many aspects of CRAR, one being a promotion to the project co-ordinator position. Being in this new position I am really able to see many of the challenges that we face not only as a team but as individuals, and challenges that can be turned into opportunities. We, as the CRAR team, aim to assist educators to improve literacy through a new environment that we provide by bringing the fun back into the classroom!

The fantastic CRAR facilitator team

The fantastic CRAR Facilitator Team



CRAR Facilitator Team

Achiever’s Programme Team

Chicco Maluwa – Achievers Manager, Chicco has been with LTL for over 6 years. He went to China to study Economics. His back and will be managing the math programme once again.

Chicco MaluwaChicco Maluwa

Thank you to our incredible math Educators that give time back to disadvantage matric students who struggling with maths.

facilitator2  facilitator

Support Team

Rainer Hohmann – Quality Assurance Manager Rainer is a qualified chef, counsellor and manager with over 15 years management experience. As our Quality Assurance and Corrections manager, Rainer has a keen eye for students and staff in need of assistance. With his caring and uplifting approach he helps to keep the organisation on track and producing its products. “The reward for helping young people lies in seeing them realize there are new possibilities and creating their own future.”


Nomha Tyhulu – Receptionist

Nomha worked in retail for ten years and has been with Living Through Learning for one year. Her passion for education was brought about by her own circumstances and upbringing. “I did not have many opportunities when I was younger and subsequently now have many regrets. I want the students to have what I never had as I believe that everyone deserves to have an education, no regrets, follow their passion and to have a bright future.” – Nomha

Emmanuel Maluwa – Estate Manager

Emmanuel Maluwa is originally from Lilongwe, Malawi, and moved to South Africa in 2002 to pursue his love for Construction and Plumbing. He is an experienced plumber as well as a painter, gardener and electrician. He joined the NGO sector 10 years ago, and is currently the Estate Manager for Living Through Learning. “I want to provide the students with positive learning conditions, where they will be able to study successfully in order for them to reach their goals and achieve their dreams.” – Emmanuel

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