Educator Training and Forums

Living through Learning values the importance of educators in society. Without good educators, learners are less likely to reach their full potential.

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1. Educator training

LTL provides training to new and established educators to ensure they are motivated, confident and effective. Educator training covers areas such as:

  • Classroom control
  • Communication
  • The role of the educator
  • Learning barriers
  • Lesson plans

2. Educator’s forum

In order to ensure skills transfer is sustainable, we engage educators further through our Educator Forums. The forum aims to validate educators who are excelling in literacy for their learners, unify the educators and provide training in areas of common difficulties experienced by the educators. The WCED Curriculum advisors are excited about this forum, and provide topics to be addressed where educators are lacking in skill or management. It has proven to be helpful in motivating and providing additional skills to educators. The forum is so popular that it has expanded to over 250 educators, principals + officials. The motivation and rewards really validate and empower all concerned.





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