completed projects

Achievers Program

The Achievers program was a extra tutoring based project to help learners achieve better results.  LTL ran the Achievers Saturday tuition and after school classes. Tuition classes are for Grade 12 learners in Accounting, Pure Mathematics and Physical Science. The classes tackled areas of difficulty and assist learners with revision. The three qualified and dedicated math educators worked with small groups of learners to boost their confidence and ability in the subject. Weekly and monthly tests provided feedback on student progress and areas for further development. The Achievers Programme focused on improving high school students boost their Pure Mathematics, Physical Science, Accounting, and English. It also allowed University graduate students of University of Cape Town, the University of Western Cape as well as the Cape Peninsula University of Technology to work with the students. This created a huge impact on our Achievers students as well as on the University graduate students by gaining confidence. Through peer to peer assessments with our high school students they gained reflection on their studies as well their personal confidence

Achievers Program: 

The programme impacted 210 direct beneficiaries and over 150 indirectly learners benefited from its success.