Awakening Africa Through Education.


Living through Learning’s mission is to provide training and interventions to support educators and learners in South Africa. We provide youth with a chance to flourish in their formative schooling years by developing and improving their literacy levels, ignite educators’ passion to provide a sound foundation for learners through practical training, and build learners’ confidence and ability to achieve their career dreams through a hands-on pedagogy.


Although Living Through Learning was founded in 2012, the directors have been working together with dreams of an organisation like Living Through Learning for the past ten years. Between Sonja Botha and Lindsay Langenhoven, they have a combined thirty years of experience in the education sector. Their work has mainly focused on skills and community development. Prior to Living Through Learning, both directors worked at NGOs, training educators and learners, developing curriculums, and partnering with organisations such as Western Cape Education Department (WCED), various Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA), and numerous corporate sponsors.

Much has been accomplished in terms of uplifting the community around them. Over 100 000 learners and over 400 educators trained, the design and implementation of a comprehensive, integrated Foundation Phase Literacy programme which has been used by over 2500 learners and has yielded increases in their literacy rate up to 80% average scores as well as placement of over 500 students into tertiary education and into the work place.

What makes LTL unique?

  • Over 35 years experience in education field
  • Workable, effective pedagogy
  • Qualitative and quantitative outcomes
  • Learner-centric approach
  • Focus on learner’s ability to apply

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