Our History

The founder of Living Through Learning, Sonja Botha, ran an NGO called Education Alive for over 25 years, which was part of an international group. In 2010 she decided to go independent and changed the name to Living Through Learning. 

Sonja has been in the education sector, actively contributing to uplifting poor communities through literacy for over 35 years. Prior to joining Living Through Learning the directors worked at NGOs, training educators and learners, developing curriculums, and partnering with organisations such as the Western Cape Education Department (WCED), various Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA), and numerous corporate sponsors.

In the last 35 years over 150 000 learners were uplifted in literacy and over 700 educators trained in their unique methodology. In the last 12 years LTL has designed and implemented a comprehensive, integrated Foundation Phase Literacy curriculum which has been used by over 30 000 learners and has yielded increases in their literacy rate by up to 80%,as well as the placement of over 500 students into tertiary education and into the workplace.


“Every child is a national asset and every child must be able to read with meaning.” 

Awakening Africa through Early Literacy.

Ensuring learners can read and write with full comprehension and understanding.



Living through Learning’s mission is to provide training and interventions to support educators and learners in South Africa in literacy. 

We provide youth with a chance to flourish in their formative schooling years by developing and improving their literacy levels. 

We ignite educators’ passion to provide a sound foundation for learners through practical training, and to build learners’ confidence and ability to achieve their career dreams through a hands-on pedagogy.

Unique approach

Over 35 years’ experience in the education field in literacy.         

 Workable, effective pedagogy and a practical methodology.

Qualitative and quantitative outcome

A learner-centric approach.

Focus on the learner’s ability to apply his skills.

Increasing not only literacy and comprehension but building confidence 

Watch us in action