Who we are

Meet our Team

The Living Through Learning Team works with superb efficiency and effectiveness. 

It is their hard work that keeps LTL alive with impact and passion, as well as all the success that we have been able to achieve. 

LTL’s employees work through danger, violence and compromised situations to improve the literacy levels of learners.

Our motto is “The supreme test of any person is the ability to make things go right”. We are proud to say we succeeded in doing just that.

The Management Team

Sonja Botha

Natalie Roos

Monique Parring

Administration & Project Management

Yusuf Jassiem

Amy Lategan

The Reading Adventure Room Team

Our desire as the RAR team is to have a positive influence on the educational culture within our communities. Thus far we have seen a major difference and improvement since LTL was introduced in the schools. 

We have a committed and well organised team of facilitators who work hand in hand with educators on a daily basis to ensure that LTL brings about major change in the literacy of learners. Our drive at LTL is to fulfill our vision and we make sure that this becomes inherent.

Clarice Joubert

Toheera Benting

Natalia Pamela Maliqua

Elvina Dickens