Current projects

Coronation Reading Adventure Room

Based on empirical research in the education field, Foundation Phase is a crucial level in a learner’s school career. In order for learners to succeed in their schooling and to achieve their dreams in life, they need to be able to read with full understanding and to write clearly. Systemic, socio-economic and language difficulties impede our learners on a daily basis. Solutions are needed to aid change.

The innovative Coronation Reading Adventure Room (CRAR) program provides a fun, step by step English literacy curriculum to support educators and learners in South Africa. The curriculum is based on Words in Colour, by Caleb Gattegno. The phonics-based approach emphasizes that letters, symbols and words can be combined in many different ways, resulting in notably accelerated learning.

The success of the program hinges on the application of our pedagogy, full utilization of the resources as well as educators able to use the pedagogy and resources effectively. The program takes place in a dedicated room in the school, decorated and equipped to provide a safe, fun and engaging learning environment.

Educators are trained in LTLs study methodology and are provided with educator manuals, workbooks, readers, games, toys and other resources critical to the programs success. 

The program commenced in 2010 with 4 disadvantaged schools and has increased to 31 schools in 2019 and 26 schools in 2020.   

The program benefits over 3000 learners and 105 educators per year. 

Schools participating in the program enjoy improvements in their Grade 1 and 2 average English literacy score by 10 to 20 % 

In addition to improving literacy results, the program’s further outcomes include:

  • Learners and educators more confident
  • Awakened desire for knowledge
  • Expanded frame of reference
  • Becoming balanced, prepared learners