23 April 2022: World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day three amazing organisations teamed up to create a special event for Vorentoe Primary School in Ravensmead.

Coronation helps:

“Coronation again teamed up with food NPO Ladles of Love and literacy partner Living Through Learning to reach out to a school in need – Vorentoe Primary School in Ravensmead – to spread some love this World Book Day with a story time and a meal for all 770 learners,” said Mary-Anne Musekiwa, the CFO of Coronation and chairperson of its CSI Committee.

“Today is part of our greater commitment to the long-term support of hunger-relief efforts at disadvantaged schools in our communities. The sad truth is that we have a massive food security deficit in South Africa and children can’t learn when they are hungry. We also hope to help learners not only to learn to read, but to love it by firing up their imaginations in our Reading Adventure Rooms and opening doors to new possibilities,” says Musekiwa.

Hunger and stunted literacy are linked

There has been a strong correlation between hunger and stunted literacy outcomes in underprivileged communities, and Living Through Literacy Executive Director, Natalie Roos, spoke about the importance of hosting an event like this.

Coronation Fund Managers, Ladles of Love and Living Through Learning teamed up to make a huge difference in the lives of the children at Vorentoe Primary School in Ravensmead. Photo: Jurie Senekal

“We are the literacy partner and we have a Reading Adventure Room at Vorentoe Primary School where we have four Foundation Phase classes that rotate throughout the room throughout the day. We have our own facilitator to assist the teacher with the programme, and in the room we have a mobile library and a monitor with resources for the kids to use,” said Roos.

Musekiwa read a new storybook by Living Through Learning, titled “Wild Ride to the Big 5”, to the learners and the team from Ladles of Love served a meal of fruit and pasta to the children.