Relief Day for Holy Cross Children’s Home

Relief Day for Holy Cross Orphanage – August 12 2020

This article was originally written by Northern News

On the 18th of July 2020 the Holy Cross orphanage in Parow burnt down. While the girls wing was destroyed, no one was hurt.

This refuge for children rescued from violence and abuse is normally home to 68 girls and 17 boys, aged from 2 to 17, mostly from the northern suburbs. After the fire, 63 older girls had to be temporarily relocated to other facilities or to families, said Bernard Engel, manager of the centre.

Mr Engel said the community had come to the orphanage’s aid after the fire, giving donations. “As time has gone by, we realise there is a need for other items such as school shoes, backpacks and toiletries,” he said.

Living Through Learning, in partnership with Claremont-based Coronation Fund Managers, stepped in and on Wednesday August 12 handed over these items for the girls who lost everything in the fire.

Living Through Learning was able to contribute 63 pairs of school shoes and Coronation gave 63 backpacks, as well as clothing contributed by their staff. Living through Learning ensured that literacy was a key part of the event by providing literacy booklets to all the learners of the home. The LTL facilitation team also stepped in to develop the learners fine and gross motor skill development through playing games. 

Natalie Roos, manager of Living Through Learning said they are continuing to support the centre by sourcing donations. Mr Engel  they still needed underwear, cutlery, curtains, duvets and groceries.