Mandela Day – 18 July 2018

This year on Mandela we took initiative to include our donors on the festivities of the day by creating a Mandela day challenge. Coronation Asset managers utilised their capsule schools Sonwabo, St Augustine’s and Vergenoegd together with their newly appointed interns in teams of two, to put on a play to the foundation phase learners of these three schools.

Each team had to use the book given to them and plan and create their own props and characters that were suitable for the story all in the short span of 3 days.

They did extremely well and the learners were really excited to have a play done at their school while the facilitators and teachers were absolutely amazed by the effort put in to creating the characters and props for the story.

They day was lots of fun and Coronation were extremely excited about the good feedback given to them about their interns and the great job they did.

This was an extremely fun challenge set out by LTL and all participants especially the interns thoroughly enjoyed this and got to meet some of our students that we work with on a daily basis while as well seeing the schools we work with.