Mr. and Miss LTL Ambassadors

26 October 2020

Living through Learning treated 9 Matric Pupils from Wittebome High to a glamourous Mr and Miss LTL ambassadors’ event. Our heart went out to the matric learners that faced many challenges and did not have a matric farewell due to Covid.  The learners were mentored and coached for a few weeks leading up to the event by our facilitators under guidance from Sonja Botha. The mentoring and coaching sessions was focused on boosting self-confidence and preparing them for life after school in 2021.

The lucky winners were Nandi Mfeketho and Lilitha Phendu.

Testimonies from some of the learners:

Lilitha Phandu: “This whole experience was very rich in learning and being out of the box. I have never done anything like this before. I always avoid the spotlight, I love doing stuff in the shadows because I am shy and an insecure person, but LTL helped me to overcome that and I am very grateful for the opportunity. I have blossomed and did a lot of things for the first time. I would love to relive my experience, I would do anything for this to happen again”.

Hailey Green:

“The mentoring and training I received gave me confidence, it really showed me that I can do whatever I set my mind to, in the beginning I was a bit scared and hesitant. It 100% changed my mindset. It showed me a different side of me. It was a really fun and heart-warming experience. It made me look at much more things I can do in the future. I am quite a tomboy but I have made up my mind to pursue being a model and musician”.

Nandi Sijamthanda Mfeketho:

“Living through Learning has been the most wonderful experience in my whole life. The mentors have been so loving and caring, they were not just mentors but therapists to me. They have helped me feel better about myself and also boosted my confidence, which is something that I will forever live with. Living through Learning is not just a name of an NGO but a motto which they live to serve. I am proud to say that I am an ambassador of Living through Learning”.

Saleem Thaine:

“My experience with LTL was different, different being my favourite word to describe something because it implies something as unconventional, it breaks away from the norm and would allow you to grow. My mentor, Shanice pushed me and I thank her for that because the whole experience was something that I would normally not do but it was fun! Thank you so much LTL!”