The Magical Writing Journey – 28 May 2021

Results from external research as well as LTL’s own research revealed the major need to assist learners to read and write properly starting at the foundation phase. 

The Magical Writing Learning Session 

LTL accepted the challenge and invited their schools to participate in a learning session that will drastically change the concerning results. Sonja Botha took principals, heads of departments and educators on a magical writing journey that explored the step by step process of achieving great results in writing. 

Ms. Roos from LTL opened the event followed by Ms. Wendy Bergsteedt from Coronation Fund Managers addressing the audience on the importance of communication in a professional working environment. Ms. Moira Morton from St Augustine’s RC Primary School then took to the stage to share a beautiful success story of the journey between LTL and their school.

It was a memorable event with valuable knowledge and insight that was shared. The practical activities created a fun learning environment and everyone went home with a smile!