Teachers Training

Teacher’s training – February 2020

The training sessions was based on the 3 main challenges that educators are facing daily.

The training sessions were rolled out by Sonja Botha and focused on discipline, behavioural disorders, making sure educators have metrics in place to control their classes and know how to manage their workload so that there is more actual teaching time. Sonja also assisted and guided our educators with their struggles, where they focused on the learner difficulties such as: writing, comprehension, phonetic difficulties, and discipline.

LTL was highly satisfied with the attendance and the positive outcome for the educators. Most educators asked for refreshers
and continuous workshops. They also requested that our curriculum be rolled out in Afrikaans and IsiXhosa, and suggested that our programme should be rolled out to all the grades.

Here are a few comments from the educators regarding the training:

“Training was insightful, I am well prepared now to teach better”

“A high of positivity and a low of negativity”

“Actively stimulated and I can now overcome the barriers that our learners are faced with daily!”

“Training is inevitable and essential – it brings a lot of positivity and this is vital on how one can achieve success”

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